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Applied Mathematics in Industry

University of Southern Denmark

The PhD course consists of three days of coursework in applied mathematics, followed by a week-long participation in the annual Study Group with Industry (ESGI). Normally starting Thursday in week 33 followed by ESGI in week 34.

ESGI is a workshop where academic mathematicians work on problems directly related to industry. Meetings of this nature have taken place in Great Britain for a number of years, going back to 1968 when Prof. Alan Tayler started the Oxford Study Group with Industry. The coordination of the study groups is now in the hands of the European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry (ECMI), and the name is currently European Study Group with Industry (ESGI).

ESGI runs for five work days (Monday - Friday) in August. On the first day, the participating companies present research problems considered to be of a mathematical nature. Each such problem is taken up by a group of mathematicians who, together with the company representative, work through Thursday afternoon to find a solution. Friday is used to present in a plenary session the results from each of the problem groups.

Subsequently, each group draws up a written report and submits it to the company.


Registration though website: - no later then August 1.

Venue: University of Southern Denmark, Campus will alternate between Odense and Sønderborg, See website.

Number of paticipants:
Max 20 students (depending of numbers of companies).


Course organizer
Christian T. Veje, The Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute
Odense and Southern Jutland: See the links in the course description
5230 Odense M