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Network Service Provisioning P

Aalto University

The course is introducing the backbone network implementation techniques in L2 and L3 layers. The main content is build around existing modern packet network technologies (IP, MPLS). New techniques (CGE, T-MPLS) which may challenge existing techniques will be introduced. Different network architectures of the trunk networks and related service architecture, data traffic control and supporting protocols. Main content of the course is about the study of different network mechanisms and protocols and their impact to the whole system behavior In the course we look also at the procedures for adding customers to the network and how common channel signalling is established. A big part of the course is dealing with legal and economical impacts to the network planning and provisioning the services. Project work.


Course dates
15 January 2020 - 07 April 2020
Course organizer
Marko Luoma
Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering / Department of Communications and Networking