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Fire Protection Engineering

University of Iceland

Course Name:

Fire Protection Engineering

Course Description:

The main goal is to introduce Fire Safety Engineering design to the students. In the first 10 weeks, lectures will be given on fire development in rooms and methods to estimate heat release rate, fire plume flows, gas temperatures and smoke fillin time. Computer models for fire simulation will be introduced and models for simulating how humans evacuate in case of fire. In the last 5 weeks the students will work in groups on a given project.

Learning Outcomes:

On completing the course the student should be:

  • well informed on the theoretical background of enclosure fire dynamics
  • have the ability to estimate energy release rate of a fire, the mass flow rate in fire plumes, the flows in and out through openings, the temperature of the fire gases and smoke filling
  • have the ability to give a rough engineering judegement on the smoke filling process and an estimate of required ceiling vents for smoke extraction
  • acquainted with the use computer programs for smoke filling calculations and computer programs for human escape simulations
  • generally informed of the requirements made in building regulations on fire safety engineering design
  • know how a design brief for for the Fire Safety Engineering Design of a building is prepared and well informed of the expected contents of such a document


Course dates
06 January 2020 - 18 May 2020
Course organizer
Björn Karlsson
Dunhagi 5