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Sustainable Development Goals and Global Production Systems: exploring new research opportunities

University of Southern Denmark

The PhD School at the Faculty of Engineering at University of Southern Denmark

Department for Technology and Innovation, Odense
Teaching language: English
ECTS / weighting: 5 ECTS
Period: 7-11 February 2022
Offered: Online (Physical attendance at SDU is possible. Selected lectures will be delivered physically at SDU by the SDU staff).

Teachers: The responsible teacher is Prof. and Head of Section SDU Global Sustainable Production Jan Vang, Department for Technology and Innovation, University of Southern Denmark (SDU) and Associate Professor David Hansen, SDU,

Teachers come from the best universities from all over Europe.

Other teachers are Prof. Alf Rehn (SDU), Prof. Nicola Tollin (SDU), Prof. Prof. Anabel Marin (Institute of Development Studies UK), Associate Prof. Robson Silva Rocha (Aarhus University), Associate Prof. Lykke M. Ricard (SDU), Prof. Simona Iammarino (London School of Economics) PhD student Adil Sait (London School of Economics), Prof. Fiorenza Belussi (University of Padova) Associate Prof. Silvia Rita Sedita (University of Padova), Associate Prof. Malek Malouf (SDU), Prof. Peter Hasle (SDU) and Prof. Mark Pagell (University College of Dublin), Assistant Prof. David Hansen (SDU), Prof. and deputy Dean Heidi Wiig (Norwegian Business School), Associate Prof. Donato Masi (Aston University), Assistant Prof. Desirée van Dun (University of Twente), Associate Prof. Mohammad Rana (Aalborg University), Prof. Leo Dana (Montpellier Business School), and Associate Prof. Helene Balslev (Aalborg University)

Sign-up: Send an email to Charlotte Bruun, to be enrolled in the course - remember to write your name, e-mail address and course name: SDG GPS Spring 2022.

Prerequisites: The course is open to all PhD students interested in the linkage between SDGs, research, and global production systems. The course is especially relevant for PhD students within the field of sustainability research/transitions, operations and supply chain management, innovation management and international business, social sciences and critical theory.

Content - Key areas:

Recent years have witnessed an increased interest in the United Nations 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs). This new momentum has created new opportunities for conducting research focused on the SDGs and how SGDs can be integrated into global production systems. This new research field has almost unlimited potentials for contributing to applied and basic research insights concerning how to design global sustainable production systems.

Yet, conducting research linking the SDGs and global production systems presents new challenges regarding understanding how to ensure that global production systems become transformed from unsustainable to sustainable.

More specifically, conducting SDG research entails getting engaged in cross-disciplinary research concerned with designing the research process in collaboration with advanced stakeholders, coping with new production configuration challenges, and ensuring that new technologies are efficiently implemented and upscaled, to mention a few examples. 

The course is taught by researchers from various backgrounds ranging from innovation theory over sustainability transitions and international business to critical theory.

The overarching aim is to provide a broad introduction to how the state-of-the art research in various different yet related fields address the challenges and opportunities concerned with conducting SDG or sustainability related research related to global production.

University of Southern Denmark is the host of this course, but it is offered in collaboration with leading universities from different parts of the world.

The course is taught online.


Learning outcomes:

This course aims at helping PhD students working in fields related to sustainable production, sustainability science, sustainability transitions, innovation, international business and critical thoery etc. to get an understanding of how working with the SGDs challenge their field and how they can overcome these challenges.

This PhD course addresses these challenges and aims at providing the PhD students with a broad knowledge base related to the interplay between the SDGs and global production systems.

The students will develop a realistic understanding of how companies can overcome the challenges of becoming sustainable and becoming aligned with the SGDs and getting a developed foundation for how working with the SGDs poses new theoretical and methodological challenges.

The students will also be introduced to how working with the SGDs in the context of global production systems requires a need for engaging in cross-disciplinary research with researchers from various different disciplines including operations and production management, innovation and sustainability transitions studies, international business and social science, and critical theory.


Time of classes:
Monday 7 to Friday 11 February 2022 (both days included)

From 09 to 16. Detailed course plan is provided on request by e-mail to

Form of instruction /Course type:
Lectures, presentations, exercises, mini cases, role games. Paper must be submitted at the end of the course

Individual examination, pass/fail, approval by the teacher of submitted paper.

This course accepts a maximum of 50 students. The course may be cancelled if less than 35 participants enroll, pandemics occur or similar.

Deadline for enrolling is 24 January 2022.

The participation fee is 1000 DKK (approximately 133 Euro).



Course dates
07 February 2022 - 11 February 2022
Course organizer
Prof. and Head of Section SDU Global Sustainable Production Jan Vang and Associate Professor David Hansen
The course is taught online.
5230 Odense M